Daily Buddha Pooja

We conduct daily Buddha Pooja at the temple. Everyone is welcomed to joined.
07:00 AM Morning Buddha Pooja
11:30 AM Buddha Pooja and Danaya
05:00 PM Evening Buddha Pooja

Special Ceremonies
Berkely Buddhist Vihara conducts special religious ceremonies at the request of devotees.

Sunday School
We conduct sunday school to teach children about Buddhism and Sinhala Language. Sunday school is taught every other Sunday at 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM. All are welcomed. The sunday school is taught by Ven. Wimalaratana, Dr. Amara Sammarakkody, and Kulinda Silva.

Ceremonies Conducted Annually

— Vesak Ceremony

— Poson Ceremony

— Vas Aradhana

— Katina

— Atavisi Buddha Pooja

— New year Ceremony

— Monthly Sermons or Dhamma Discussions

— Special Buddha Pooja