Upcoming Events

Up Coming Events

Dear devotees and Dhamma friends,

The annual Kathina ceremony of Berkeley Buddhist Vihara (BBV) will be held on Saturday, November 4th, and Sunday, November 5th, 2023.

This Year Ranjan Ekanayake, Kaushalya Ekanayake, Lalani Chandrika, and Soma De Silva families together with all devotees of BBV have organized the event to bestow the “Kathina” Robe to the Maha Sangha.

Since participating in a Kathina ceremony is one of the most meritorious deeds one can perform, we are looking forward to your participation in this event. Gifts that honor the Kathina will be kept under “Kap Ruka”.

We would gratefully appreciate a monetary donation toward the Pirikara and for signing up for Kathina Dana and Pirikara Pooja. If you want to participate in the Kathina Dana and or robe offering, please enter your name and quantities in the following Google spreadsheet or contact BBV at 510-526-0230/ 510-375-0446.


For dana (lunch) arrangements please contact, Ranjan Ekanayake at 904 200 9287, Lalani Chandrika at 917-753-3367, or Soma De Silva at 415-472-3765.

Saturday, November 4th Evening program:
5:00 PM බුද්ධ පූජාව- Buddha Pooja
5:30 PM ධර්ම දේශනාව- Dhamma Talk
6:30 PM සෙත් පිරිත්- Seth Pirith, Blessing Chanting
7:30PM තේ- Refreshments

Sunday, November 5th Program:
7:00 AM කඨින චීවරය වැඩමවීම -bringing the Ceremonial “Kathina” robe in a procession to the temple.
7:30 AM බුද්ධ පූජාව සහ මහාසංඝ රත්නයට උදැසන දනය පූජා කිරීම. morning Buddha Pooja and breakfast to the Maha Sangha.) Sponsored by Dhammith Rupasinghe and Nimali Rupasinghe family.
9:30AM- කඨින චීවරය පඬු පෙවීම-Dyeing the Kathina Robe following the traditional customs.
10:30AM බුද්ධ පූජාව සහ කඨින චීවරය සහිත දානය මහා සංඝ රත්නයට පූජා කිරීම-Buddha Pooja, offering Kathina Robe and the lunch dana for the Maha Sangha.
12.00 noon මහා සංඝ රත්නයට සිවුරු පිරිකර පූජා කිරීම සහ කඨිනානිසංශ ධර්ම දේශනා ,Kathina Anumōdanā
1:00 PM ගිහි පින්වතුන්ගේ දහවල් ආහාරය සහ කඨින පිංකම නිම වීම Lunch for the Lay devotees and the conclusion of the Kathina ceremony.


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