Current Projects​

Current Projects

Request Funds to Relocate the Bodhi Tree and Construct Bodhi Maluwa.

Dear Devotees and Friends,

Berkeley Buddhist Vihara (BBV) has been a sacred sanctuary for spiritual growth, teaching Buddhism
and Sri Lankan cultural activities for more than two decades. Temple has a Bodhi tree which was
planted in a pot many years ago. Since then, the Bodhi tree has grown significantly. The BBV
committee has decided to relocate the Bodhi tree and plant the tree in the ground. Following the
relocation of the Bodhi tree to the ground, we have planned to construct a Bodhi Maluwa. The
estimated cost for relocating the Bodhi tree and constructing the Bodhi Maluwa is approximately
$30,000. We have initiated the project with limited funding as you can see in the following pictures
(left). A sketch of the finished Bodhi Maluwa is shown on the right side. We recognize that this is a
substantial undertaking, and we are turning to our devoted community for support. We invite all our
devotees to help with generous donations for the completion of this most wanted project.
If any devotees would like to give a donation to this project contact the temple at 510 526 0230
or [email protected].

Thank you for being part of our community. May the Noble Triple Gems bless you!

Berkeley Buddhist Vihara Committee


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